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Mosaic Collaborations

During her career as co-owner of Brickyard Pottery and Gallery in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, Mary worked with community members of all age levels on several public mosaic installations.  Mary designed the mosaics, as well as producing many of the mosaic components, and then worked with the group to fabricate and install the mosaics. 

Major installations are at the Shell Lake Public Library, the Shell Lake Post Office, The Shell Lake Arts Center and the Shell Lake Park and Beach.

Shell Lake library mosaic.jpg

Collaborative Mosaic exterior of Shell Lake Public Library, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Shell Lake Post office mosaic.jpg

Mosaic in lobby of Shell Lake Post Office  15 x 5'


Installation of Library Mosaic


Portion of Post Office Mosaic

Shell Lake Arts Center mosaic.jpg

Portion of Mosaic at Shell Lake Arts Center

Shell Lake Arts Center mosaic.jpg

Center panel of triptych mosaic

 Shell Lake beach.jpg

South side of mosaic in information booth at Shell Lake Municipal Park

Shell Lake Wisconsin.jpg

North side of information booth


Community members at work on mosaic

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