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Mary and her husband, Brian Dosch, established Brickyard Pottery and Gallery near Shell Lake, Wisconsin in 1980.  During that time, Mary worked in clay, stained glass, mosaic and silk.  After nearly forty years working full time in the arts business, they sold their studio and gallery and retired, moving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Now, since retiring, Mary has focused on her mosaics and silk dyework. 


Mary's mosaics range from small tiled figures or panels to large public art installations.  Mary has worked on many public mosaic collaborations with all age groups.  With community input, she designs and plans the artwork, gathers or makes the tiles and tesserae and supervises the fabrication and installation.

Mary's silk dyework consists of hand-dyed silk scarves as well as collages stitched together with hand-dyed swatches of silk, which are then stretched and framed.

Throughout her career, Mary has worked closely with clients, producing hundreds of custom artworks.

Mary's husband, Brian, has also returned to his artwork and is now making pottery at a local studio, with Richard Milheiser, at Claymore Pottery in Banbury Place.  His work is available at Dancing Bird Gallery in Cumberland, WI and the Local Store at Volume One in Eau Claire.

Some of the Dosch's work is now available for sale on Etsy

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